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Mule Deer

Amazing bucks ranging in the 150-190 possibly 200 class range.

Last hunting season we harvested a beautiful 202 class Mule Deer (first picture on the left). There are five more harvested this year ranging from 170-190 class. Hunts are limited every year to maintain property management and safety so book your hunt in advance and secure your spot.

Pronghorn Antelope

We have a large herd of pronghorn antelope roaming over 80,000 acres. We continue to track herds of bachelors and document new areas every few months. Our experienced guides will help you create a lasting hunting adventure. Call us today.

Dove, ​Ducks, and Quail

Our leases contain several man-made ponds and rain water holes that are covered in ducks. There are also hundreds of quail in several nice sized covey as well as doves scattered throughout the region.

Wild Feral Hogs

We offer special day and weekend hunts for the wild feral hogs hunts. These are very popular giving hunters an experience that will never be forgotten! They are big in numbers and big in size.

Varmints & Coyotes

There are tons of prairie dogs, rabbits, and coyotes all over our leases. Children and beginning hunters will love practicing with varmints. Great for the whole family! Book a family hunt with us today and enjoy a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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TNT Hunting - Providing Guided & Non-Guided Hunts

TNT Hunting in Whiteface and West Texas is a family business that has more than 30 years of hunting experience and 15 years of guiding hunts. Our mission is to give each and every one of our clients an amazing, fun hunting experience that they will never forget.

Oren, our main guide, has been hunting on this land for over 20 years and has been guiding on it for the last 13 years. Oren helps all of his clients on guided hunts to understand how to stalk a mule deer including the do's and don'ts!

Leslie is a great guide for women and children hunters. She has a sharp eye for the varmints and wild feral hogs. Leslie is a very patient guide and hunter, especially with new hunters and is able to help the them reach that calm relax stage to make their shot!

We have a passion and love for hunting that we want to share and help others experience. We have passed down our love for hunting with all of our children who have the same passion we have. They have been big inspiration for our company to help others to experience the same fun and excitement hunting either with friends or family. Come join us for mule deer, antelope, varmints, wild hogs, quail, pheasants, & ducks hunting!

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Lodging & Accommodation

We have an ultra comfortable two bedroom, one and a half bath camper available as a lodging option for our hunters. It is fully equipped with water, electricity, a kitchen, stove and refrigerator. We also have a DVD player and TV’s for your time out of the field, and the beds will be made and ready for your stay! Lodging is just $70/night for 1-2 person, and $35 for an additional person. The camp is a great opportunity for hunters to come stay for a few days, relax and enjoy more time to harvest a trophy!

Call TNT Hunting today at (806) 891-2290.

What Our Customers are Saying

"Just got back from a great varmint hunt with Oren and TNT hunting! Top notch. Very friendly and courteous. The only problem was we didn't take enough bullets!!!! Oren put us on more prairie dogs than we could shoot. We will definitely be returning to hunt with TNT again! Hopefully soon"

~Russel M.

"5 star rating - Thanks for such an exciting hunt! You both exceeded all expectations; we loved the couples hunt, the excitement prairie dog hunting, and the crazy adrenaline rush of the wild boar hunt! We will highly recommend you to friends and family! Thanks for your persistence and desire to put us on hogs! We're excited to enjoy the tasty meat back home in Wisconsin!!!"

~Carrie Lynn

"5 star rating - I have never once in my life met someone as nice as Oren who is willing to bust his butt just to ensure we had a good time. The hospitality was great as well as the hunt. Thanks Oren!"

~Ross H.

"Had a guided tour with Leslie. It was amazing! I was running late and forgot bug spray and ear plugs, and needed my rifle sighted in. She was so patient with me. She was very accommodating and had everything I forgot. I highly recommend this company!"

~Tonia K.

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